Smögen Barrique, 7 YO, 60.3 %

Nordic Whisky #187 - Smögen BarriqueA brand new release from Swedish distillery Smögen today. The Smögen Barrique was released for sale on March 1, 2018. A total of 1685 bottles (1320 sold through Systembolaget), and surprise surprise – it sold out fairly quickly!

This is the oldest whisky released by Smögen. Production started in 2010, so this is some of the oldest stock in the warehouse.

The Smögen Barrique was matured in four 225 litre French oak barriques that previously held red wine from Bordeaux (casks # 4 & 23-25/2010). It was distilled in between September and December 2010, and bottled on 2018-01-08.

The retail price for the Smögen Barrique was a mere SEK 867 (40193).

Nose: Earth, Smoke and Fire! Earthy wine notes, rich wood smoke, and spicy chocolate (ok, not quite Fire, but still..). Creamy and fruity with time. Rökig tårta!

Taste: Full-bodied and dry-ish mouthfeel. This is powerful stuff! Lots of spices upfront – peppers and hot chilies. Beneath the spices I find a base of minty wood smoke and hot coals. Ripe, baked apples in the background.

Finish: Medium long finish. Spicy all the way. Soft, earthy, malty and lightly oaky. Super minty now – fresh breath ensured for the next few hours. At least this is what I imagine – not sure I should put it to the test tough..

Comments: Earthy spearmint that is smokin’ hot!

Score (89/100)

Image from The Ladies Share.

– Thomas