Nikka Coffey Vodka

Nikka Coffey Vodka


Nikka Coffey Vodka, NAS, 40 %

Nikka Coffey VodkaAbout a year ago Nikka launched two exciting new product; the Nikka Coffey Vodka and the Nikka Coffey Gin. They are both made using the Coffey stills Nikka have, and which we known well from their Coffey Grain and Coffey Malt whiskies.

Here is part of the official blurb:

"Corn and barley are separately distilled into various batches with slight difference in ABV and taste profile. These batches are carefully blended by experts and then refined with white birch charcoal."

Now, some purists out there might scoff at me giving a vodka such a high score (see below), but please note that I am not comparing this vodka to whisky. I am reviewing this as a vodka. And this is a very fine vodka. I have tried quite a few vodkas over the years, simply because I am liquor-curious. Once you start sniffing and tasting your way through a lot of whisky you (should) also get interested in other types of liquor.

You can buy the Nikka Coffey Vodka in the UK at around GBP 43. It is expected to be available in Norway shortly.

Nose: Soft and well-integrated. No alcohol sting, no rawness. Soft spiciness and hints of cereal.

Taste: Soft and smooth mouthfeel. Again no rawness at all - very much a vodka you can sip neat. Nice warmth. Very mild on the palate, but there are flavors here. Hints of tropical fruits (mango and banana come to mind) and some white pepper.

Finish: Short to medium finish, which is a positive surprise in itself. No further development though, which is to be expected. Looking for complexity in a vodka is as pointless as looking for haystacks in a needle (yeah, I told you it was pointless).

Comments: Wow, a delightful vodka.

Score (88/100)

Image from Master of Malt.

Sláinte! - Thomas

Nikka Coffey Gin

Nikka Coffey Gin

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