Nordic Whisky #224 - High Coast Origins - Timmer

Nordic Whisky #224 - High Coast Origins - Timmer

High Coast Origins - Timmer, 6 YO, 48 %


Here is the second whisky in the new Origin Series from High Coast Distillery, Sweden. The High Coast Origins - Timmer (“timmer” = timber) is a peated whisky.

Here are the main facts, and as usual go to the source to get a ton more:

  • Age: 6,55 - 7,02 years (average: 6,94)

  • Peat level: 44 to 46 ppm

  • Casks used: all ex-bourbon; 18 quarter casks (130 litre) 46 ppm, 30 bourbon barrels (200 litre) 46 ppm, and finally 4 bourbon barrels (200 litre) 44 ppm

  • Number of bottles: 12 764 (70 cl)

You can buy the High Coast Origins - Timmer in Sweden at SEK 499 (3361501).

Nose: Fresh and sweet wood smoke. Timber yard, saw mill, toasted oak. There's definitely a lot of timber here. Great choice of name. On the nose perhaps the most Islay-like whisky I've had from High Coast (formerly known as Box Whisky). There's no iodine or maritime notes here, sure, but other than that is has all the trademarks of a great Islay whisky - rich and sweet peatiness, barbecue notes, toasted malt, hints of citrus and chocolate. 

Taste: Medium body, and medium sweetness. Actually less sweet than the nose indicated. More spices though - mainly pepper with a touch of cloves. Heavily peated delivery - chocolate, oak and soot. 

Finish: Medium long finish. Carries on much as it started. Perhaps even a little greener towards the end. The peatiness fades away and the sweetness ramps up a notch. Peppermint in the end.

Comment: Timber!

Score 88/100

- Thomas

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