Thy Fad No. 2a Hawboen, 4 YO, 48 %

Nordic Whisky #161 - Thy Fad No. 2a HawboenI recently visited Copenhagen, and while there I came across several releases from the Danish distillery Nordisk Brænderi. I have previously only reviewed one of their whiskies (see review here), and I was thoroughly impressed back then.

The label for the Thy Fad No. 2a Hawboen states that this whisky was distilled during the summer of 2011. Initial maturation was in a bourbon barrel. After three years, late summer of 2014, the spirit was moved to two smaller casks. One cask was a 50 litre ex-bourbon cask (cask 2a – “Hawboen”), and the other was a 100 litre ex-sherry cask (cask 2b – “Fjordboen”).

The final product was bottled in late 2015. The total outturn for this whisky was 139 bottles at 35 cl.

Nose: Warm and malty, is what first comes to mind. It is rich in character. Sort of a mix between casks 4 and 6 (reviews coming up over the next few weeks). With time more and more vanilla!

Taste: Medium body and rich mouthfeel. Rather sugary and sweet. I find ginger and vanilla. Seems a bit fizzy in character. There’s also apples here and something I can only describe as a hint of champagne.

Finish: Medium long finish. Menthol, mint, camphor and eucalyptus. Definitely floral. A bit watery towards the end.

Comments: I like it, bit not blown away as I was with cask 1.

Score (85/100)

– Thomas