SMWS 29.154 Camping with M*A*S*H, 23 YO, 49,8 %

SMWS 29.154 Camping with M*A*S*HI have many favourite distilleries. One of them is Laphroaig. It was back in April 2012 I made it through the wall of smoke and peat of Islay whiskies. To do so I tasted twelve different Laphroaigs over two nights. That was when I broke ‘through’, and I have loved smoky and peaty whiskies since.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) is an independent bottler with a lot of interesting casks. In Edinburgh earlier this year, my husband and I spent quite a few hours at the SMWS venues.

One of my favourite whiskies from that trip came from distillery 29, aka Laphroaig. The whisky is called SMWS 29. 154 Camping with M*A*S*H. It is a 23 YO whisky from a refill bourbon cask. The whisky was distilled 1990-10-12 and there was a total of 253 bottles.

Nose (24/25): Lovely! At first there was vanilla mixed with sweet smoke and peat. Then the smell became more heavy. Leather, iodine and the whole medicine cabinet came along!

Taste (24/25): A very smooth and full taste. Still a lot of vanilla mixed with soft smoke. Very delicate taste.

Finish (23/25): Quite sweet finish with sugar and caramel. Does it sound too sweet to you? Do not worry. The sweetness was gently covered in soft smoke and salt. Oily and creamy finish.

Balance (24/25): This was a super smooth whisky all the way! I thought the smoke was very mild for a Laphroaig, which made it a very elegant whisky.

Score (95/100)

– Tone




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