Highland Park Single Cask Kaupang, 13 YO, 59.7 %

Highland Park Single Cask KaupangThis is a bottling for the Norwegian Malt Whisky Association (NMWL). It was released to members only early 2018, and the remaining bottles now go on general sale.

The Highland Park Single Cask Kaupang was distilled in 2003, matured in a refill butt (cask #5709), and then bottled in 2017. The final outturn was 552 bottles.

The name “Kaupang” is an old Norwegian term for marketplace. It is generally used the name of the first town-like marketplace in Norway, the Kaupang in Skiringssal, Larvik. Kaupang was founded around the year 800.

You can buy the Highland Park Single Cask Kaupang at NOK 1518 (8260001).

Nose: This nose is green, well green-ish. That was a bit surprising. I also detect caramel pudding, heather and mild honey. Medium sherry influence here. The peat is taking the back seat. Opens more with time and becomes more appealing. Mustard seeds appear along with cinnamon and notes of cardamom.

Taste: Rich and full bodied. A bit raw or rough in style. Spicy on the palate; pepper and cinnamon mainly – then cardamom and nutmeg. Dried fruits to some extent.

Finish: Medium to long finish. Drying up, and appears more earthy now. Well-turned soil and cinnamon sticks. Earthy smokiness and notes of honey.

Comments: A fine HP cask strength, but not among the best in the series. Look also to the Chris Maile Edition and the Vintersolsnu.

Score (86/100)

– Thomas