Damoiseau 5 Ans D’age, 5 YO, 42 %

Damoiseau 5 Ans D'ageYet another first here at Whisky Saga HQ. I am now testing a few rums. First in line is the Damoiseau 5 Ans D’age. This is a five year old rum from Guadeloupe. The producer is Damoiseau Rhum, and the production is done at the Bellevue Distillery in the village of Le Moule. The rum is matured in ex-bourbon casks.

Produced from 100% first-pressed sugarcane juice. The sugar content is given as <3 gram per litre.

The Damoiseau 5 Ans D’age is released for sale in Norway on November 3 at NOK 550 (7898601).

Nose: Very light – I would say delicate, yet still quite rich on the nose. Fruity with vanilla and mild caramel. With time the vanilla becomes more pronounced, and I also pick up on light tropical aromas.

Taste: Medium body and a soft mouthfeel. It is balanced, with a tempered sweetness. No funkiness and no sticky sweetness. Light fruits, vanilla and hints of caramel.

Finish: Medium to long finish. Continues much as it started. The main difference is really that there is some added spiciness towards the end.

Comments: An impressive and honest rhum agricole.

Score (86/100)

– Thomas