Winchester Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Winchester Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Winchester Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 2 YO, 45 %


I continue my exploration of the TerrePURE whiskeys currently available. These are whiskeys partially matured through chemistry (the TerrePURE process) rather than just using oak barrels (see more here).

This is the Winchester Straight Bourbon Whiskey, produced for the Total Wine stores and "Aged a minimum of two years in new oak".

I have earlier today released my review of the younger Winchester brother (matured for six months).

You can buy the Winchester Straight Bourbon Whiskey at USD 23 at Total Wine.

Nose (19/25): Strawberries! Not quite as sweet and certainly not as immature as the younger brother, but still quite sweet. Soft oakiness. Caramel, sweet corn and relatively cheap perfume. Rich and full nose.

Taste (17/25): Sweet, with some alcohol burn. Burnt caramel and maple syrup. Immature and raw, but not nearly as much so as the younger brother.

Finish (18/25): Sweet and mellow actually. The rawness gives way to medium sweetness - fudge and honey. Relatively short finish.

Balance (17/25): This would actually work on the rocks, I believe. It is a clear step up from the Winchester Bourbon Whiskey in both maturity and quality, but it still has a way to go.

Score (71/100)

Image from Total Wine.

Sláinte! - Thomas

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Winchester Bourbon Whiskey

Winchester Bourbon Whiskey