Teeling 24 YO Vintage Reserve Collection

Teeling 24 YO Vintage Reserve Collection


Teeling 24 YO Vintage Reserve Collection, 46 %

Teeling 24 YO Vintage Reserve CollectionLast week I reviewed a very nice 33 YO Teeling whiskey. Today I review another old whiskey in the same series from Teeling Whiskey Co., namely the Teeling 24 YO Vintage Reserve Collection.

This whiskey was distilled back in 1991, matured mostly (I am guess around 24 years) in bourbon casks, then married (vatted, blended) and finished in Sauternes wine casks for a period (I am guessing months). Then in August 2016 it was bottled, with a total outturn of 5000 bottles.

Here is what the distillery has to say about this release:

"Part of Teeling's Vintage Reserve Collection, this 24 year old Irish single malt whiskey was matured in bourbon casks before being given a finishing period in Sauternes wine barrels. A limited edition release of 5,000 bottles."

The Teeling 24 YO Vintage Reserve Collection is sold out now, but the selling price was around GBP 260.

Nose: Hmm..different. I am somewhat reminded of a Hazelburn (unpeated Springbank) or rhum agricole. We are not exactly on a farm, but there is definitely a farm nearby. I find hay, mustard seeds, something earthy and vegetal, and there is a warm fruitiness. In other words, it is slightly funky but in a good way. I also find grapes or even wine notes.

Taste: Rich, creamy and full-bodied. Lots of black pepper up front. Quickly followed by dried fruits; raisins and apricots mainly. Honey and molasses.

Finish: Medium to long finish. A pinch of sea salt at the end there. Otherwise much as it started.

Comments: A unique Teeling, in my book. Never had anything like it from Ireland, in fact. Loved it.

Score (89/100)

Image from Master of Malt.

Sláinte! - Thomas

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