RoughStock Montana Spring Wheat Whiskey

RoughStock Montana Spring Wheat Whiskey


RoughStock Montana Spring Wheat Whiskey, NAS, 45 %

RoughStock Montana Spring Wheat WhiskeyBack in 2005, when distiller Bryan Schultz founded RoughStock Distillery, this was the first legal distillery in Montana in over 100 years. That is always a nice starting point when you want to tell the story of your distillery. RoughStock Distillery is located near Bozeman, and is today joined by 15+ other distilleries in Montana, and probably 100s across the USA. In other words, there is a lot for us whisky fans to go out there and try.

I have now had the chance to try the RoughStock Montana Spring Wheat Whiskey, which they say is their most local product. Here is some of what they say about the product:

We use one hundred percent hard white spring wheat grown just up the road from our distillery at Wheat Montana Farms for this whiskey. This unique strain of wheat is grown primarily for the bread making industry therefore it has a higher protein content compared to other strains of wheat used in the distilling industry. Affectionately known as “Prairie Gold,” this wheat has soft and gentle notes when mashed and distilled providing a distinctly unique taste from the beginning.

Aging in the used [pure] malt barrel allows for the gentle notes of the wheat to shine through without an overbearing oak influence. After the whiskey is matured, it is then finished with a heavily toasted French oak for a few months which provides a bit more body and complexity on the finish.

I think this is very interesting for at least a couple of reasons. One, they mature this whiskey in used American oak barrels, that have previously held their Montana Pure Malt whiskey (which used fresh American oak barrels). Two, they also finish the RoughStock Montana Spring Wheat Whiskey in French oak casks for a few months. All in all a fairly Scottish way of maturing whisky.

The RoughStock Montana Spring Wheat Whiskey can be bought in Sweden at SEK 900 (item number 8439001), and in the UK at around GBP 37. There is currently no importer for RoughStock in Norway, as far as I can tell.

Nose (21/25): My glass is filled with liquid milk chocolate! Cool! Did not see that one coming, but it's good. Vanilla, citrus, apples, cereal (wheat) and almonds.

Taste (22/25): Spicy and cool now. Vanilla, caramel, menthol, and lots of wheat cake. I like the fact that the wheat shines through as much as it does.

Finish (20/25): The coolness is more pronounced now, with the oakiness adding menthol, mint and even some peppermint. The sweetness is all wheat and sugar. Medium to short finish.

Balance (21/25): Very nice wheat notes on this whiskey, especially on the palate. It is a touch too oaky on the finish, but that is easily forgiven. A very nice first meeting! I will be looking out for more products from RoughStock Distillery.

Score (84/100)

Sláinte! - Thomas

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