Nordic Whisky #30 - Eiktyrne Sid og Vid

Nordic Whisky #30 - Eiktyrne Sid og Vid


Eiktyrne Sid og Vid, 3 YO, 46 %

Eiktyrne Sid og VidFinally we have a new Norwegian whisky to review! Eiktyrne Sid og Vid will be released in the Autumn of 2015, but we managed to sneak a taste at Bergen International Whisky & Beer Festival 2015. The company behind this release is Det Norske Brenneri (The Norwegian Distillery). This used to be Agder Brenneri, the distillery that released the very first Norwegian single malt; Audny. Now they are back, with new owners and a new name.

Back to Eiktyrne now. This whisky was matured for three years in a 1st fill Oloroso sherry butt, before receiving a six month finish in a Oloroso sherry blood tub (40 liter). The taste we had was from one of the blood tubs, which yielded 83 bottles, but the full release in September 2015 will be about 1000 bottles at 50 cl.

The name Eiktyrne is from Eikþyrnir (Old Norse "oak-thorny"), which is a stag which stands upon Valhalla in Norse mythology. In the ancient text Grímnismál the following can be found:

Eikthyrnir the hart is called, that stands o’er Odin’s hall, and bits from Lærad’s branches; from his horns fall drops into Hvergelmir, whence all waters rise:-

Síd and Víd, Soekin and Eikin, Svöl and Gunntro, Fiörm and Fimbulthul, Rin and Rennandi, Gipul and Göpul, Gömul and Geirvimul: they round the gods’ dwellings wind. Thyn and Vin, Thöll and Höll, Grad and Gunnthorin.

Nose (22/25): Soft and delicate sherry nose. There is a soft rubbery note at first, but it is mild and does crawl into hiding after a few minutes in the glass. What is a lot more noticeable is a lovely mix of spices; cinnamon, cardamom, white pepper and nutmeg. Accompanying the spices I also find malt, nuts, oranges and hints of oak. Leaving it in the glass for a while opens it up further. It is quite rich and full. Well integrated, and it feels mature despite it's young age.

Taste (21/25): Full bodied and sweet. The sherry influence is immediate here, as it was on the nose. Rather peppery on the delivery. Digging a bit deeper I pick up on something floral, with a hint of vegetables. The sweetness is a mix of dried fruits, fresh apples and sugar.

Finish (21/25): Full and rich on the finish as well. Medium long and warm. Cinnamon, white pepper, dark chocolate, caramel, nut shells and oak. It becomes dry towards the end, but at the same time it is mouth-watering.

Balance (21/25): It is young, but it has a fun "attitude", that I find charming. It is the best Norwegian whisky I have tried so far. Bring on the next!

Score (85/100)

Eiktyrne and stag

Sláinte! - Thomas

Imperial 1990 21 YO The Whisky Agency

Imperial 1990 21 YO The Whisky Agency

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