Nordic Whisky #11 - Fary Lochan Efterår

Nordic Whisky #11 - Fary Lochan Efterår


Fary Lochan Efterår, 3 YO, 48 %

Fary Lochan EfterårToday I am presenting the first release from a small Danish distiller by the name Fary Lochan. It is located in the middle of Denmark, and they have been producing whisky since December 2009. The first cask was put in the basement for maturation on New Years Eve 2009.

Fary Lochan is a quite the one-man show. Jens-Erik Jørgensen is the man behind it all. He produces whisky as a hobby more or less, and the production is about one cask every two weeks.

This first release is called Fary Lochan Efterår (efterår = Autumn). The whisky has been matured in three quarter casks (cask #2010-02, 2010-03 and 2010-04), with a five month finish in a sherry butt. It was distilled on 2010-04-16 and bottled on 2013-09-14. The outturn was 511 50 cl bottles, and 555 5 cl miniatures.

The initial plan is to release a new expression every 9 months, and the second release was released just a few weeks ago.

Fary Lochan Efterår is now sold out, but the second release is still available.

Nose (21/25): Interestingly enough, the very first thing that strikes me when I bring this whisky to my nose, is that it reminds me of Autumn. There's ripe apples, wet leaves, and something indefinable and fresh. After a while I also pick up white pepper, ripe banana, orange peel, vanilla, licorice and a hint of sherry. It does have a slight waxy feel to it. This whisky is not very sweet, but there is a hint of artificial sweetener. The dominating notes here are definitely fruity and autumnal. It appears young, but full of character and without any off-notes.

Taste (20/25): The young age is more apparent on the taste. Alcohol is quite evident on the first couple of sips. The mouth feel is light and soft. I find pepper corns, orange peel and simple syrup here.

Finish (21/25): Medium long finish. The sweetness does pick up a bit towards the end, which is a positive, I think. Orange peel shifts more towards orange, and the sugary notes become richer. Right at the end there's a ping of bitterness.

Balance (21/25): A light-footed and bright, young Dane. A new Nordic distillery has entered the scene, and we wish them all the best.

Score (83/100)

Thanks to Steffen Bräuner and Fary Lochan for the sample.

Sláinte! - Thomas

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