Noorbohandelen - Danish Independent Bottler

Noorbohandelen - Danish Independent Bottler


In Denmark they have this fun little store called Noorbohandelen. They are located in Nyord, almost 2 hours drive south of Copenhagen, but they also have a small shop in Copenhagen. They describe their concept like this:

Noorbohandelen is unique for its exquisite selection of quality spirits from all over the world, all offered by weight: whiskey, rum, cognac, grappa and much more. Furthermore, homemade bitters and schnapps, carefully produced from herbs and fruit from Nyord. The spirits can be tasted and are sold in beautiful bottles of your own choice.

So, whisky sold by weight. That actually translates into whisky sold in all kinds of fun little (and larger) bottles. All of it whisky from casks that Noorbohandelen have sourced themselves. You are free to buy samples in the store, and when you have found the whisky you want, you select the size and type of bottle and you go home to enjoy more whisky.

Whiskysaga have recently had the opportunity to try three of the whiskies currently available at Noorbohandelen. So, here we go!

Fettercairn 1997, 57,8 %

Fettercairn 1997 - NoorbohandelenSingle cask expression of Fettercairn, from cask #3345. Our bottle was 200 ml.

Nose (21/25): Fresh, earthy and nutty. This is a whisky that is well grounded, and it works well. Both feet planted a foot or two beneath the surface - steady as she goes. There's all manner of citrus and other fruit trees growing in and around these planted feet. After a while there's a youthful rebelliousness as well.

Taste (19/25): Pepper, ginger, caramel, and burnt toast. Slightly metallic and a bit off. It's the metal that throws me off here, I think. It's just weird!

Finish (21/25): It does shed the metallic notes after a few seconds (thankfully). Then I get nuts (not literally!), burnt almonds and roasted peanuts (unsalted) - all covered in pepper, and served straight from the oven. Lovely, thick syrupy finish with a distinct ginger flavor. It's quite warm and medium long.

Balance (19/25): A strange one this, not sure what to think, really. The nice finish and the interesting nose does leave me relatively pleased. It does lack balance though.

Score (80/100) 

Allt-a-Bhainne 1995, 53 %

Allt-a-Bhainne 1995 - NoorbohandelenSingle cask again, the Allt-a-Bhainne is from cask #125287. Our bottle was 200 ml for this one as well.

Nose (21/25): Fruity, light, lots of vanilla, cardamom, and a touch of sawdust.

Taste (19/25): Oily, with lots of pepper. At a stretch I'd say it is half-sweet.

Finish (19/25): Very oily. Caramel with whole pepper corns, giving spicy surprises that come in waves. More ginger towards the end. Medium length, and it becomes a bit nonchalant at the end.

Balance (19/25): Interesting, but not enough to keep my interest for long.

Score (78/100)

Blair Athol 1991, 56,6 %

Blair Athol 1991 - NoorbohandelenThe third whisky is also a single cask, from cask #7285. Our sample was from a huge 350 ml bottle this time.

Nose (22/25): Fresh berries, served with ice-cream and vanilla sauce, eaten with a wooden spoon. We then sprinkle an exotic and mild mix of spices on top of this strange, but tasty dessert. A hint of smoke in the distance, as well as fresh licorice.

Taste (21/25): Caramel and tempered spices. It's rich and sweet. Promising stuff!

Finish (20/25): Oak, caramel, fresh licorice and vanilla. Becomes a little bit flat and metallic towards the end, unfortunately.  I would have wanted a bit more excitement.

Balance (21/25): Quite liked this one. Wouldn't mind a bit more.

Score (84/100)

Big thanks to Dag Espen for the generous samples!

Sláinte! - Thomas

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