Longrow CV

Longrow CV, NAS, 46 %

Longrow CVLongrow CV is a special bottling from the Springbank Distillery. This Longrow is a little like a CV for the brand, containing a range of differently aged whiskies.

This is a No Age Statement whisky, composed of whiskies aged between 6 and 14 years. It has been matured in sherry, port, bourbon and rum casks.

The Longrow CV is still available in Norway at NOK 595 (item number 5069401). Grab it while you can, as this expression has been discontinued by Springbank. It has been replaced by the Longrow Peated. The Longrow Peated is available in Sweden at SEK 619 (item number 85588).

Nose (23/25): I love the smell of it. Smoke and peat. A bit sour, like the smell of wet oak. It feels like walking in the forest in the Autumn, surrounded by wet leaves. After a while there is some medicine and something more fresh like lime and gin, actually.

Taste (22/25): The taste is full of smoke and ash. The feeling of forest is still here with pine needles. Some citrus which reminds me of the licorice candy Kick. Very rich and complex.

Finish (21/25): A lot of smoke and ash in the aftertaste which makes it quite dry. Still citrus and some freshness. I guess it is the freshness that makes me think of gin. The taste was rich and complex while the finish is thin - in a strange way.

Balance (22/25): This was a very nice whisky! Smoke and citrus - what a perfect combination.

Score (88/100)

- Tone

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