The King of Scots

The King of Scots


The King of Scots, NAS, 40 %

The King of ScotsThe King of Scots is a blend from the independent bottler Douglas Laing. I have tasted both the no age statement (NAS) release and the 25 YO. Today I will share my tasting notes of the NAS.

This is what Douglas Laing say about the whisky:

Douglas Laing’s King of Scots Blended Scotch Whisky was first created in 1886. Over a century later, only the closest members of our family-owned company know the particulars of its recipe. Celebrating the blend’s distinguished heritage, superior quality and provenance, each bottle proudly bears Scotland’s Lion Rampant, used by the Kings of Scotland for hundreds of years.

Douglas Laing’s Master Blender has hand selected and married together exceptionally rich and sweet Single Grain Scotch Whiskies with a higher than normal proportion of the finest aged Malt Whiskies from his preferred distilleries to create this, the crowning glory of Blended Scotch Whisky.

The whisky is available in Norway at NOK 329,90 (item number 1473901). It is not available in Sweden.

Nose (18/25): I think this one smells like a very young whisky. A lot of malt and butter. Very fat actually.

Taste (19/25): Thin mouthfeel. It is also a lot of malt on the taste. Some caramel and salt is fighting through the maltiness. But it tastes very young.

Finish (19/25): A thin and dry finish. Here the caramel is more like burnt caramel. Salt.

Balance (19/25): This was a decent blend. No off notes. But it was too young and not exciting enough to get a higher score. Having said all this, I do realize that this (and many other blends) are not really made to be pored over for hours in a nosing glass. This blend is made to be enjoyed with an ice cube or two, or in a drink or a cocktail, or maybe even as a shot - cowboy style. Who knows.

Score (75/100)

Unfortunately I do not have any tasting notes of the 25 YO. I remember it was more complex and felt more like a grown up. The score ended at 80.

- Tone

Glen Ord 1996 15 YO Clydesdale

Glen Ord 1996 15 YO Clydesdale

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