Jericho Classic Selection - The Lost Distillery

Jericho Classic Selection - The Lost Distillery


Jericho Classic Selection, NAS, 43 %

Jericho Classic SelectionToday we present the fourth installment in the new Classic Selection range from The Lost Distillery Company. The Jericho Distillery was a Highland distillery, near the town of Insch in Aberdeenshire. It was established in 1822, started production in 1824, and finally closed in 1913. It was renamed the Benachie Distillery in 1883, although the whisky was still sold as Jericho for many years still.

The Jordan Burn (small river) flows through the settlement where the distillery was located. Drawing on biblical associations with Jordan and a touch of irony, the founder came up with the name Jericho Distillery.

Fun fact dug up by the researchers at The Lost Distillery Company:

The last decade of the 19th century created huge profits for both producers and blenders, with Jericho whisky enjoying the fame of an 1890’s music-hall one-liner in the Evening Telegraph:

A: What sort of whisky was that? B: Oh! The Jericho! A: Is that where it comes from? B: No, that’s where those who drink it go to!

Nose (22/25): Mild notes of bicycle tire repair kit, sort of rubbery, dry and oily at the same time. Malty and sweet, quite rich and heavy. Give it time and there's also chocolates and dark fruits to be found. Quite fresh after a while. Cinnamon and dry peanut shells. There's a very soft note of something slightly peaty or smoky in the background. The nose certainly does improve with time. After a good half an hour I get a lot of Autumnal associations; it's earthy and I am reminded of moist, fallen leaves.

Taste (20/25): Oily and fruity. Sherry notes, rich and fruity sweetness. Some spiciness, with pepper and cinnamon sticks.

Finish (20/25): Warm, with medium length. Does become a tad drier before it suddenly gets oily again. Dark chocolate, black pepper and bits of dried and candied ginger. Soft caramel notes as it dies off.

Balance (21/25): An Autumn dram with a sweet punch.

Score (83/100)


Sláinte! - Thomas

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