Hyde 6 YO No. 5 The Áras Cask

Hyde 6 YO No. 5 The Áras Cask


Hyde 6 YO No. 5 The Áras Cask Burgundy Finish, 46%

Hyde 6 YO No. 5 The Áras CaskThis is the fourth whiskey from Hibernia Distillers we present here at Whisky Saga. Hibernia Distillers sell their whiskeys under the trademark Hyde Irish Whiskey. Like the Hyde No. 3 this is a young grain whiskey. The others, Hyde No. 1 and Hyde No. 4, are single malt whiskies. All of them have got different cask finishes.

I had a longer discussion about the origin of Hyde whiskeys in my review of Hyde No. 1. You can buy the Hyde 6 YO No. 5 The Áras Cask in Norway at NOK 725 (6227001).

Hyde 6 YO No. 5 The Áras Cask Burgundy Finish was matured for six years in flame charred ex-bourbon casks. Then, as the name implies, it was given an 8 month finish on burgundy casks.

Nose: This whiskey has a sweet nose. There's caramel, lavender, honey and oak.

Taste: Like on the nose this is a sweet whiskey. The burgundy cask comes through quite clearly on the palate. I find red wine, liquorice, oaky spices, especially cinnamon and thyme. It feels, maybe, a bit thin.

Finish: On the finish the Hyde No. 5 gets more bitter and dry. There's some dark chocolate notes that take over. The oak also becomes more prominent. The oak is still that of a dark red wine, though.

Comments: This is a pleasant and warming whiskey with a clear and present cask influence. Like the Hyde No. 3 it is a grain whiskey that belies its age.

Score (82/100)

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Over the last few months I've been working with Daracha, the Norwegian importer of Hyde Whiskey at a few whisky fairs in Norway, presenting their whisky. I sampled this whiskey at one of those events. My claim is that does not, however, influence my personal opinion of the whiskey.


Image from Master of Malt.

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