Highland Park Valfather

Highland Park Valfather

Highland Park Valfather, NAS, 47 %


The Highland Park Valfather is the third and final expression in the Viking Legend series from Orkney based distillery Highland Park. Previous expressions are the Valkyrie and Valknut.

Here is the official info on the Valfather:

“The most peated whisky we have released to date, it is matured entirely in refill casks to give beautifully balanced layers of flavour and a character as complex as Odin himself.”

The name Valfather is explained as follows:

“The Norse sagas tell us that Odin, the mightiest of the ancient gods, takes on many guises and is known by many names. As VALFATHER – Father of the Slain – he presides over the golden hall of Valhalla.”

The Highland Park Valfather will be available to buy in Norway starting November 1, 2019. You can buy it online in the UK at around GBP 55.

Nose: Heather smoke, oak and vanilla come into focus first. This certainly seems more peaty than average for Highland Park. Motor oil and blood smeared iron swords. It's dirty, but in a good way. Behind all this dirtiness it is also fruity and fresh.

Taste: Smooth and of medium body. Again more peaty than usual. Peppery and smoky upfront, then a wave of sweet fruits and brown sugar. Vanilla and heather honey.

Finish: Medium long finish. The honey is more prominent on the finish. Heavy and sticky. Love this element of a proper HP. Cinnamon, licorice, black pepper corns, milk chocolate and mint towards the end. Oh, and green herbs.

Comment: Love it! To me this is an instant classic.

Score 88/100

PS! Image from Master of Malt.

- Thomas

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