Have more fun with friends!

Have more fun with friends!

It is important to stay close to your friends. If you are one of those who grab a drink with them once a week, then you are the lucky one. Today’s life is far more intense and sometimes we are simply too busy to spend an hour or two with our friends. That is why it is good to plan something different with your friend because that will give you a boost and you will be truly excited when the day comes. That may not be going out for a drink at all! I will give you a few interesting ideas for what you can do with your friends, instead of going to a regular bar in your neighbourhood for a regular drink.

Play foosball

Table games, especially foosball table, is something that never gets old! Why don't you and your friends go to a bar with the best foosball tables and make a little tournament, where everyone plays against everyone. It is a great anti-stress therapy, and we all know that is needed these days. It can provide you hours of fun and it can remind you of those college days when everything was about foosball and living the life to the fullest. At the end of the night, you will be relaxed with a smile on your face. And what is perhaps the most important, you will have the ultimate foosball champion among you!

Attend a whisky tasting

Do you feel too grown up for foosball? That is a shame, but don't worry. I have something for grown-ups too. Have you ever taken your friends to a whisky tasting? Do they know what a real whisky tastes without a hangover the next morning? If they don't, then it is your responsibility to teach them how to taste a whisky properly.

Find a local tasting service and book an evening. The great thing about these services is that most of them are for small groups and they will demonstrate what a whisky is all about. The smell, the aroma and the flavor, they all tell a different story. It is time for your friends to find out about them. When they learn more about whisky then show them this blog and they will definitely stay the quality whisky drinker.

Play team sport

Another way to have fun and release all that stress is to play a sport. If you want to stay in shape, pick a day of the week and start exercising. You can find a basketball court in the local school, ask them to rent you the court in the evening (when all kids are home) and gather the team. The perfect sport for this is basketball, because it is not intense like soccer or handball. You can start with some hoop shooting and after a week or two you can spice up the game. With the 2-on-2 game you can make a small tournament! A healthy mind in a healthy body!

Go to a stand-up show

Who can say no to an evening full of laughter? Stand-up shows are getting more and more popular and now is the best time to visit few stand-ups. Most of the comedy clubs have themed nights so you can go every week to a different show. I can't see a better way to spend the evening than with friends laughing until your stomach muscles ache. Who knows, maybe one of your friends figures out the hidden comedy talent in him and it is all on you.

Cheers! - Mark Cop, Foosball Zone

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Mark Cop is a guest blogger here at Whisky Saga, and this is his first post. Check out his blog Foosball Zone.



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