Distillations Whisky by Bache-Gabrielsen

Distillations Whisky by Bache-Gabrielsen


Distillations Whisky by Bache-Gabrielsen, 3 YO, 41.2 %

Distillations Whisky by Bache-GabrielsenScotland meets France with a Norwegian twist. Whisky from Scotland, finished in France by a company with deep Norwegian roots.

This product is a 3 YO Scottish whisky from an undisclosed distillery, which has then been transported to France - to the cellars of cognac producer Bache-Gabrielsen, for a finishing in ex-cognac casks for six months.

Here is the official product description:

Drawing on his experience, our Master Blender Jean-Philippe Bergier has carefully selected this whisky, recognizing its potential to fulfil the high standards we set out when crafting our spirits. By giving a second life to the Tennessee Oak casks which had previously been used for the final maturation of our cognac “American Oak”.

This is a limited run of 1500 bottles.

The product name does hint that there will more releases in a Distillations series. Bache-Gabrielsen are known to have had both rum and brandy in their cellars, so expect to see something along these lines in the near future.

The Distillations Whisky by Bache-Gabrielsen will be launched for sale in Norway on May 4 at NOK 499 (10067101).

Nose: Early Autumn comes to mind. Orchard fruits and dry leaves. Well integrated. Quite malty. A touch of citrus can be detected. With time it is even more fruity, apples in particular. Also richer and with some green mint in the back. Hardly any sweetness besides the fruitiness.

Taste: Medium body and medium sweetness. Some spices, but indistinct. Apples still, plenty of them. Delicate and soft in character. Malty. A slight "edge" of something young-ish, a hint of immaturity.

Finish: Short to medium finish. The finish is much as the initial taste. Perhaps some bitter orange and mint at the end.

Comments: Starts off relatively uncomplicated but does grow. A pleasant affair. Oh, and I have no idea which distillery has produced this whisky.

Score (83/100)

Sláinte! - Thomas

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