Nordic Whisky #94 - Box Whisky Shareholders 2016

Nordic Whisky #94 - Box Whisky Shareholders 2016


Box Whisky Shareholders 2016, 3 YO, 52 %

Box Whisky Shareholders 2016This is a special release that was intended for the shareholders of Box Whisky only. The article number was communicated by mail (the "old school" paper type) to all shareholders. The intention was then to have all the shareholders with an interest in this bottling to go online and order their bottle, but keep the article number secret. The secrecy was necessary because there is no validation process in place. If you know the article number, you can place an order.

Now what happened, do you think? Well, first of all some dimwit did of course post the article number on Facebook, thus letting 'anyone' order this bottling - whether they were a shareholder or not. This is, in my mind, a very disloyal thing to do, but then again also a very much expected outcome.

For me personally it all turned out to be a stroke of luck as I, living in Norway, never received any information in the mail (so, no papers) notifying me that this was a bottling I could order. By chance I found the article number on Facebook, and ordered my bottle just in time before it was sold out! Not the best way to handle something like this, I think. I am a little cross with Box Whisky for this, but as I ended up with a bottle after all, I'll let it slide.

Here are a few facts on this release (all the rest can be found here):

  • 78 % unpeated pilsner malt
  • 22 % peated pilsner malt
  • 78 % matured in 140 litre bourbon casks
  • 22 % matured in 200 litre fresh American oak casks
  • 9 ppm phenols average before distillation

The youngest drops were distilled on 2012-06-12, and bottling was done on 2016-04-20. The total outturn was 1990 bottles. The bottles were sold at SEK 790 for 50 cl.

Nose: Soft, fruity and slightly oaky. The peat is barely noticeable. I find red apples, ripe banana, cinnamon and a touch of ginger. Given time I also pick up coconut flakes, vanilla, fresh and not so sweet licorice and hints of something green. Turns warmer and richer as it develops.

Taste: Very peppery up front. Sweet and sort of bitter at the same time. There's fruits and oak here, just as advertised. Vanilla, artificial sweetener, and herbs (cannot place it exactly).

Finish: Medium long finish. A lot drier now, with dark chocolate, coffee, and slightly bitter licorice notes.

Comments: I quite like the finish here. Surprisingly long for such a young whisky. Happy I managed to secure a bottle after all.

Score (86/100)

Sláinte! - Thomas

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Yes, I do own a few shares in Box Whisky, precisely for the purpose of getting my hands on bottlings like this one. Take this as you may, this is a minimum stake of shares, and I cannot say it influences my review of the whisky. And in fact, if my status as a shareholder will be ignored in the future as well, then I will probably just sell my shares.


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