Big Peat Norway Edition

Big Peat Norway Edition


Big Peat Norway Edition, NAS, 48 %

Big Peat Norway EditionHow cool is this, especially this time of year! We have our very own exclusive version of Big Peat now, here in the icy north. We have the Big Peat Norway Edition.

Big Peat, of course, is the well-known Islay blended malt from independent bottler Douglas Laing.

As far as I know, the Norway edition is the same as the regular one with two exceptions; 1) the ABV is upped from 46 % to 48 %, due to our very low winter temperature, and 2) the label is even cooler.

This is the official blurb on the contents of this blended malt:

With Caol Ila spirit bringing sweetness, Bowmore the perfect balance, Ardbeg the medicinal, earthy quality and Port Ellen, a degree of elegance, Big Peat represents all that is Islay in a bottle.

You can buy Big Peat Norway Edition at NOK 590 (7947402).

Nose: Big Peat starts off sneaking around quietly in the snow. I detect vanilla and milk chocolate, with a whiff of tropical fruits. The nose grows (like Pinocchio's) and after a few minutes in the glass it appears a lot more solid and firm. The character is now slightly earthy, with sweet wood smoke and salt added.

Taste: Medium to rich body. Buttery or creamy mouthfeel. Caramel, baked apples, ginger, vanilla, black pepper and ashes.

Finish: Medium long finish. Caramel and white pepper. A touch maritime now. Hints of cut grass and herbs.

Comments: A fine rascal of a dram. A bit more oomph than the regular edition. I feel warm in the winter night now.

Score (86/100)

Sláinte! - Thomas

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