BenRiach 18 YO Dunder

BenRiach 18 YO Dunder


BenRiach 18 YO Dunder, 46 %

BenRiach 18 YO DunderThe BenRiach 18 YO Dunder is part of the new heavily peated range from BenRiach. It was launched on 2015-04-30, and is a limited release of 1888 bottled.

The BenRiach 18 YO Dunder was first matured in American oak casks, then finished in Dark Rum barrels. The 'Dunder' name is taken from the residue of cane juice left in a still after the distillation of a batch of rum. Traditionally this 'dunder' is used as a yeast source in the fermentation process of Jamaican rum, and it gives the rum a unique aroma and flavor.

This whisky has natural colour and is non chill filtered.

Yesterday I reviewed the BenRiach 17 YO Septendecim, which is also a peated expression. Today I revisit the Septendecim to compare these two.

You can buy the BenRiach 18 YO Dunder in Norway at NOK 1300 (3414401). It appears to not be available to buy in Sweden.

Nose (22/25): A bit sweeter than Septendecim. The woodsy smoke and peat is more or less the same, but on the Dunder I also get a softer sweetness, mixed with leaves and banana notes.

Taste (21/25): More spicy on the initial attack - pepper and ginger. Almost fiery pepper. Wood smoke, ashes, peat, mild caramel, banana cake and fresh herbs.

Finish (23/25): Richer fruitiness than Septendecim - bananas now mixed with citrus. The spices do linger much longer - in fact the finish is longer and richer overall. It becomes bit dry towards the end, and it takes on a very pronounced and fresh minty character - with a dash of ashes thrown in. Quite herbal - but mainly in the peppermint and mint direction. The wood smoke sticks around 'till the end as well.

Balance (22/25): Maybe not quite as lovely on the nose as the Septendecim, but definitely a lot more fun on the finish. A fresh dram in all its peppery peatiness!

Score (88/100)

Image from Master of Malt.

Sláinte! - Thomas

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