Bar review - Bar Atrium en, Japan

Bar review - Bar Atrium en, Japan


Name: Bar Atrium en Address: 2 Chome-15-3 Shinbashi, Minato, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan Website: n/a

Bar Atrium en, Japan - entrance

Getting there

Bar Atrium en can be found literally round the corner (ok, two corners) from Single Malt Bar Moonshine. This is a short five minute walk from the Shinbashi subway station, and around 10 minutes from Shiodome subway station.

The bar can be found down a short flight of stairs from street level. The sign outside rather small, but easy enough to find.

Bar Atrium en, Japan - map

The experience

From what we understand, this bar has been in business for about seven years. They have an extensive collection of about 300 whiskies on the shelves. Mainly Scotch single malt whisky, but there is also a section of US and Canadian whiskies, as well as a few blends.

The actual bar is quite long, with more seats than many of the other bars we visited. There are a few tables there as well.

The air conditioning seemed to pull in some slightly unpleasant smell from the neighboring establishments; a mix of fish and mild sulphur. Not the best condition to be nosing a fine whisky in, but the problem went away after a while. We were just a bi unlucky with the timing when we arrived I guess.

We had a fabulous Port Ellen 5th Release here, and an old Glenugie. The prices were decent, and the staff friendly.

Bar Atrium en, Japan - bar

Sláinte! - Thomas

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