Balvenie 14 YO Caribbean Cask

Balvenie 14 YO Caribbean Cask


Balvenie 14 YO Caribbean Cask, 43 %

Balvenie 14 YO Caribbean CaskBalvenie Distillery has released a new batch of the 14 YO Caribbean Cask. The name indicates what kind of casks the whisky has finished its maturation in. Exactly: Rum Casks.

This is what the distillery says about the making of this whisky:

Caribbean Cask has been matured in traditional oak whisky casks for 14 years, and then ‘finished’ in casks that previously held Caribbean rum.

To create the ideal finish Malt Master David Stewart, filled American oak casks with his own blend of select West Indian rums.

When he judged the casks to be ready, the rum was replaced with the 14 year old spirit and the wood was put to work adding the final touches.

The result is an exceptional single malt whisky with the traditional smooth, honeyed character of The Balvenie, married with notes of toffee and a hint of fruit, with a warm, lingering finish.

The whisky is available in Norway at NOK 1 089 (item number 1719101) and in Sweden at SEK 609 (item number 85288)

Nose (20/25): Quite light on the nose. Ripe bananas and caramel. Fresh with herbs like thyme and lemon balm. It becomes warmer after spending some time in the glass. White pepper and lime zest. A hint of perfume.

Taste (20/25): At once I find it to be light and salty. Smooth mouth feel. Caramel and citrus.

Finish (19/25): The finish is mostly salt and perfume to me. It has a touch of metallic taste which makes me reduce the score a bit. Quite dry.

Balance (20/25): Actually I had expected more notes from the rum cask finish. I could not find many rum notes except from the caramel.

Score (79/100)

- Tone

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