Bache-Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic Fins Bois, 41.5 %

Bache-Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic Fins BoisHere we go again. My second cognac review. Today I look at the Bache-Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic Fins Bois.

The sugar content is given as <3 grams/litre. The producer is Bache-Gabrielsen, and this cognac is made from 100 % Ugni Blanc grapes.

The Bache-Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic Fins Bois is released in Norway on Friday November 3, at NOK 410 (7987602).

Nose: Light and fruity, with hints of caramel. After a few minutes in the glass, deeper notes of fruit start appearing. Grapes, grape juice, apples, apricots and figs.

Taste: Medium body and sweetness. The apricots are still apparent. Added chocolate and honey. A touch floral, but well on the acceptable side for me.

Finish: Medium long finish. The sweetness remains tempered and a little restrained. The fruitiness is there ’till the very end.

Comments: Comes across as very well balanced. I enjoyed this a lot.

Score (86/100)

– Thomas