Winchester Bourbon Whiskey, 6 months, 45 %

winchester_straight_bourbonTime to boldly go where I have rarely gone before. A few days back I tested my first ever whisky produced using the TerrePURE process – accelerated maturation through chemistry rather than using just plain old oak barrels.

I have now tried the Winchester Bourbon Whiskey. According to this page at Terresentia Corporation’s website, it would seem that Winchester is a so-called ‘private label’ that they produce for the Total Wine stores in the USA.

This product has been “Aged a minimum of six months in new oak.”, in addition to being subject to the TerrePURE process.

You can purchase the Winchester Bourbon Whiskey for the low price of just USD 20 at Total Wine.

Nose (17/25): Banana, maple syrup, caramel, sweet corn, milk chocolate, popcorn liqueur and cheap perfume. Very, very sweet.

Taste (16/25): Raw! Lots of alcohol burn. Watery mouthfeel. Burnt toast, sweet ginger, maple syrup and fudge.

Finish (16/25): Massively sweet. Caramel. Burnt caramel, and burnt toast. Medium long finish (or lingering burn)

Balance (16/25): Sorry, this was not for me.

Score (65/100)

Image from Total Wine (unfortunately it is the image for the Winchester Straight Bourbon Whiskey – it seems this younger Winchester Bourbon Whiskey does not merit its own product image…)

– Thomas



  1. thank for the review, wish I had read it before buying the bottle. Will give it to my daughter who will turn it into whiskey sour drinks.


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