I have spent this whole weekend in Stockholm, attending the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival 2015. As usual it has been a very busy weekend here, meeting up with lots of friends and acquaintances, and trying new whiskies. I will post a more thorough report from the festival in a a few days, but I thought I would post the winners of this year’s whisky awards at the festival. I have added links to the whiskies I have already reviewed. More reviews will follow shortly, as usual.

Best whisky all categories
Gold: Glenfarclas 30 years old (Philipson Söderberg)
Gold: The Ultimate Imperial 1995 (Renbjer & Magnusson AB)

Glenfarclas 30 YO
Myriam Mackenzie from Glenfarclas with the best in festival gold award for Glenfarclas 30 YO (Photo: Whisky Saga)

North American Whiskey Bourbon style
Gold: Blantons Gold Edition (Galatea)
Silver: Blantons Straight from the Barrel (Galatea)
Bronze: W.L.Weller Special Reserve (Arcus Sweden)

North American Whiskey, Others
Gold: Sazerac 18 years old Straight Rye (Arcus Sweden)
Silver: Hudson Four Grain (NIGAB AB)
Bronze: Black Velvet 8 years old (Bibendum)

Irish Whiskey up to 10 years
Gold: The Irishman Cask Strength (Philipson Söderberg)
Silver: Teeling Small Batch Rum Cask (TOMP Beer Wine & Spirits)
Bronze: The Irishman Single Malt (Philipson Söderberg)

Irish Whiskey over 10 years
Gold: Jameson 18 years old Limited Reserve (Pernod Ricard Sweden)
Silver: Jameson Gold Reserve (Pernod Ricard Sweden)
Bronze: Tullamore D.E.W 12 years old Special Reserve (NIGAB AB)

Japanese Whisky
Gold: Nikka from the Barrel (Symposion / Nikka)
Silver: Nikka Coffey Malt (Symposion / Nikka)
Bronze: Nikka Pure Malt Black (Symposion / Nikka)

Scotch Blended whisky up to 8 years
Gold: Lang’s 5 years old Sherry Edition (Cask Sweden AB)
Silver: Compass Box Glasgow blend (Symposion AB)
Bronze: Grants Nordic Oak (NIGAB AB)

Scotch Blended whisky over 8 years
Gold: Cadenhead Creations 20 years old (Symposion AB)
Silver: Ballantine’s 21 years old (Pernod Ricard Sweden)
Bronze: Royal Salute 21 years old (Pernod Ricard Sweden)

Scotch Malt whisky up to 12 years
Gold: Strathisla 12 years old (Pernod Ricard Sweden)
Silver: The Glenlivet 12 years old (Pernod Ricard Sweden)
Bronze: Benromach 10 years old 100 Proof (Symposion / Benromach)

Scotch Malt whisky 13-20 years
Gold: Arran 17 years old (Cask Sweden AB)
Silver: Springbank 15 years old (Symposion / Springbank)
Bronze: Glencadam 15 years old (TOMP Beer Wine & Spirits)

Scotch Malt whisky over 20 years
Gold: Glenfarclas 30 years old (Philipson Söderberg)
Silver: Balblair 1983 (Berntson Brands)
Bronze: Aberfeldy 21 years old (Last Geat Malts)

Scotch Malt whisky Non age stated
Gold: Balvenie TUN 1509 Batch 2 (NIGAB AB)
Silver: Tomatin Legacy (Galatea)
Bronze: Aberlour A’bunadh (Pernod Ricard Sweden)

Scotch Malt whisky Special, Limited editions and Independent bottling up to 12 years
Gold: Scallywag Cask Strength (Philipson Söderberg)
Silver: Finlaggan Old Reserve (Renbjer & Magnusson AB)
Bronze: Scallywag (Philipson Söderberg)

Scallywag Cask Strength gold award
Jan Beckers from Douglas Laing with the gold award for Scallywag Cask Strength (Photo: Whisky Saga).

Scotch Malt whisky Special, Limited editions and Independent bottling over 12 years
Gold: The Ultimate Imperial 1995 (Renbjer & Magnusson AB)
Silver: P.N.A XVI Glenburgie 1995 (Philipson Söderberg)
Bronze: The Ultimate Blair Athol 1988 (Renbjer & Magnusson AB)

Swedish whisky up to 5 years
Gold: Mackmyra Reserve Elegant Bourbon (Mackmyra)
Silver: The Explorer Box Early Days Collection (Box Destilleri AB)
Bronze: Smögen “Sherry Project 1:4” (Smögen Whisky AB)

Swedish whisky over 5 years
Gold: Mackmyra Reserve Förlagrad sherry (Mackmyra)
Silver: Mackmyra Sommartid (Mackmyra)
Bronze: Mackmyra Svensk Ek (Mackmyra)

World Wide Whisky
Gold: Kavalan Single Malt (Philipson Söderberg)
Silver: Kavalan Solist Bourbon (Philipson Söderberg)
Bronze: Danica Peated (Braunstein)

Peated Malt
Gold: Sheep Dip Islay Blended Malt (Renbjer & Magnusson AB)
Silver: Smokehead Islay Single Malt (Cask Sweden AB)
Bronze: anCnoc Peatlands (Berntson Brands)

All the winners
All the whisky award winners (Photo: Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival).

– Thomas


  1. It was a great fair – best in Sweden (for me) – and despite my fears of it being overwhelming, because I went on the first Thursday, it was busy, but with plenty of time to meet, greet and imbibe. Excellent layout, plenty to see and go, great food (important), and some excellent drams. No beer for me (can’t combine these at the same time!). Good to see the winners list – great makers and whiskies represented there. Lykka till for future fairs.


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