Wannborga 5 YO Ö Whisky Artisan Single Malt, 45,2 %

Wannborga 5 YO Ö Whisky Artisan Single MaltFinally I get to taste my first whisky from Swedish distillery Wannborga. The Wannborga 5 YO Ö Whisky Artisan Single Malt was released in March 2016. This was a small batch release, limited to just two casks (cask # 55 and cask #56). On the back label we can read the following:

“This whisky of 2015 is matured 5 years in oak casks and a few months in port barrel from Wannborga vineyard, Sweden. The whisky has a noticeable smokiness.”

The Wannborga 5 YO Ö Whisky Artisan Single Malt sold at SEK 699 for a 500 ml bottle when it was released. It is now sold out, but a new version is available to buy, also 5 YO.

Nose: Sweet and somewhat earthy and fruity. Imagine an apple orchard, where someone is digging in the dry soil to plant new trees. There’s notes of dark chocolate and cold coffee lingering in the background. That is the closest I get to any ‘noticeable smokiness’ on the nose. After a few minutes it opens up more, and the fruitiness gains more body, and the nose is quite appealing actually. Cool vanilla and milk chocolate notes are added.

Taste: Smooth, oily and skinny body. Hmm…not sure that gave the right impression…oh, well. Honey, apple juice, mild caramel, vanilla, and a soft earthiness.

Finish: Medium long finish. Spices are joining in; mainly white pepper and ginger and with a touch of cinnamon. Fizzy in character now. Watery and earthy towards the end – just missing wind and fire…

Comments: An enjoyable dram. First ever Wannborga for me, and I do declare I shall have to track down the other releases and give them a try as well!

Score (83/100)

– Thomas




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