Vingården Lille Gadegård Bornholmsk Whisky Nr. 3, 5 YO, 51,5 %

vingarden_lille_gadegard_no3I have now worked my way up to release number three from the small Danish distillery Vingården Lille Gadegård. This whisky was distilled in 2007 and bottled in July 2012. The product is two years older this time, compared to the two previous releases (see reviews here and here). Again this is a single cask release, and the cask used is again a French wine cask (225 litre).

There are still a few bottles left for sale of the Vingården Lille Gadegård Bornholmsk Whisky Nr. 3, and you can buy them direct from the distillery at DKK 3000.

Nose (18/25): Sweet, rich and earthy. There’s some alcohol bite here. Banana, red berries, and wet leaves. The banana is well past its due date, giving off a whiff that is not entirely pleasant. Sugary (or is that a sugar substitute?), with notes of vanilla and baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon.

Taste (17/25): Rich and full mouthfeel. Very sweet up front, and a bit spicy. Burnt sugar, maple syrup, and overly ripe fruits.

Finish (16/25): Sweet wine notes, and again an earthy touch. It seems slightly off to me. The finish is medium long, and anything but fresh. Stale is the word I am looking for. Woody and stale.

Balance (17/25): This was not a positive development from the previous releases, in my opinion. But I still have one more on my test bench.

Score (68/100)

– Thomas


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