Velier Royal Navy Very Old Rum, 12 YO, 57.18 %

Velier Royal Navy Very Old RumThis is a product from a company, I guess you could call them an independent bottler or a blending house, called Habitation Velier. They are based in Genova, Italy. Their tagline is “House of Pure Single Rums”. On their webpage they have the following statement:

“Habitation Velier rums are bottled at cask strength, without chill-filtration, without the addition of caramel colouring or any other element not coming from distillation.”

Velier Royal Navy Very Old Rum is a blended rum made from 20 year old rum from Caroni (Trinidad and Tobago), 15 year old rum from Demerara Distillers / Port Mourant (Guyana) and 12 year old rum from Hampden (Jamaica). On the label you also find a calculated weighted average age of 17.42 years.

This product was released in late 2017 and is now available in Norway at NOK 2000 (10190801). Please note that the shop link will list this as simply Velier Royal Navy Rum.

Nose: Very delicate and well-balanced. This is a rum you can bury your nose in for days. Of course the urge to have a sip will become overwhelming pretty soon, but even just nosing it is very rewarding. There’s a lot of fruitiness to it; dried fruits and exotic fruits. A warm and soft spiciness as well. Quite sweet, demerara sugar and a fine caramel and chocolate mix. A hint of herbs and funky farmyard way in the back.

Taste: Very rich and smooth. More fruity and spicy, and maybe a bit less sweet, than what the nose promised. Tempered sweetness I would say; caramel and demerara sugar again. Distinct vanilla notes and maybe also some white sugar.

Finish: Fairly long finish. Continues much as it started. Hints of herbs and cut grass towards the end.

Comments: Hurrah! I have my daily tot now.

Score (92/100)

– Thomas



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