Top 10 Nordic WhiskyI have now reviewed a total of 100 Nordic whiskies! I started my Nordic Whisky review series in March 2014. A little under a year ago I published a (late) Top 5 out of the first 50 reviews. Now it is time to do a larger Top 10 Nordic Whisky list, based on the first 100 reviews:

  1. Box Whisky The Festival 2015, Sweden, 90/100
  2. Braunstein E:4 8 YO, Denmark, 90/100
  3. Smögen Sherry Project 1:3, Sweden, 89/100
  4. Box Whisky The Messenger, Sweden, 88/100
  5. Smögen French Quarter, Sweden, 88/100
  6. Box Whisky The Festival 2014, Sweden, 88/100
  7. Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No. 4 Megrez, Sweden, 88/100
  8. Smögen Sherry Project 1:2, Sweden, 88/100
  9. Mackmyra Moment Jord, Sweden, 88/100
  10. Box Whisky The Explorer, Sweden, 88/100

So, a few comments on this list, and the changes since my previous list:

  • 50 additional Nordic whiskies tried (well, actually 44)
  • A new number 1, Box Whisky The Festival 2015, pushing Braunstein E4 down to second position
  • The Braunstein E:4 is the only entry from the previous list that is left in the top 5 on this list
  • Sweden completely dominates the list, with 9 out of 10 entries
  • Four Swedish distilleries are represented in the top 10! Four frmo Box, three from Smögen and one each from Spirit of Hven and Mackmyra

The number of whiskies reviewed per country is:

  • Sweden: 54
  • Denmark: 28
  • Finland 10
  • Norway: 7
  • Iceland: 1

Please click the links to read the individual reviews, or better yet – try to find them at a bar somewhere and enjoy a fine dram.

– Thomas



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