Timorous Beastie 21 YO Sherry Edition, 46,8 %

Timorous Beastie 21 YO Sherry EditionThe tiny mouse roars again! Here is another special edition of the Timorous Beastie, the blended malt from Douglas Laing representing the Highlands. This is the Timorous Beastie 21 YO Sherry Edition. I have previously reviewed the regular version and the 40 YO edition.

Douglas Laing does not reveal the complete make-up of the Timorous Beastie, but the regular version contains whisky from Glen Garioch, Dalmore and Glengoyne distilleries. I am assuming this goes for the 21 YO as well…

Seeing the ‘Sherry Edition’ bit at the end of the name, I feel quite certain there is a possibility of more editions coming up. This whisky was released in a limited run of 2718 bottles.

The Timorous Beastie 21 YO Sherry Edition was sold at GBP 90, but is now sold out from what I can see.

Nose: A mix of ripe, red berries and dried fruits. Blackcurrant, strawberries, dates, raisins, and dried banana snacks. Vanilla, fudge, white chocolate and well-oiled mahogany wood. A touch of earthiness, as well as some camphor and malt drops.

Taste: Medium body and smooth mouthfeel. Cool spices, cool summer fruits, and cool mint. A touch of oak and camphor.

Finish: Long finish. More spicy on the finish. I find white pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and a hint of aniseed.

Comments: I see it says ‘Sherry Edition’, but that does not mean sherry bomb. It is well balanced, and and an all-round enjoyable whisky.

Score (87/100)

– Thomas



  1. Awesome review, Thomas! I’m a huge fan of the Timorous Beastie… I still haven’t popped my 21yo Sherry Edition open though. But I had it at Bottle Market in Bremen last year. Splendid stuff!

      • Absolutely! I have been there two times now and always had an absolute blast. Good location, great atmosphere, cool exhibitors, fantastic drams. It is also easily reachable by foot from Bremen’s central train station, which is another plus in my book. I wrote a lil’ review of last year’s event on my blog. Feel free to check it out to get a better impression of what to expect from Bottle Market. 🙂


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