We are halfway through 2017, and I thought I would stop for a moment and take stock. I realize I never did a review of 2016, so I will try to make amends by doing a few extra summaries in 2017. Yay!

Top 3 popular articles 1st half of 2017

  1. Visiting Chichibu Distillery
  2. Myken Destilleri – mer norsk whisky (article in Norwegian)
  3. Vinmonopolet må ta nettkundene på alvor (article in Norwegian)

No big surprises here, perhaps. My article on visiting Chichibu will forever be up there it seems. It has now been almost three years since I wrote that article!

Top 10 popular whisky reviews 1st half of 2017

  1. Statesman Finest Old Scotch Whisky
  2. Winchester Bourbon Whiskey
  3. Highland Park Single Cask Chris Maile Edition
  4. Flóki – Icelandic Young Malt 1st Edition
  5. Mortlach Special Strength
  6. Long John Special Reserve
  7. The Arran Smugglers’ Series Vol. 2 – The High Seas
  8. Togouchi – Japanese whisky from Scotland and Canada
  9. Yamazaki Limited Edition 2016
  10. Ardbeg Kelpie

I must admit I am a bit surprised by the popularity of reviews 1, 2 and 6 on this list. The other entries are more expected.

Top 5 popular Nordic whisky reviews 1st half of 2017

  1. Flóki – Icelandic Young Malt 1st Edition (#45)
  2. Eiktyrne Sokin og Eikin Sauternes Finish (#131)
  3. Gjoleid Blindpassasjeren (#127)
  4. Mackmyra Ten Years (Seasons) (#144)
  5. Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No. 5 Alioth (#140)

– Thomas