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The Ladies' Share with Svenska Eldvatten at Dr Jekylls PubThe Ladies’ Share was founded 1 September 2013. We are a whisky club for women in Vestfold and Buskerud counties in Norway. By now we are nine members.

1st anniversary at Dr. Jekylls Pub

During this first year of our existence we have had six official meetings. We usually meet at each others homes, but on the evening of our 1st anniversary we attended a whisky tasting at Dr. Jekylls Pub in Oslo. As some of you probably remember, I have tasted quite a lot of whiskies there. It is really a great whisky bar.

Svenska Eldvatten

The tasting was held by the independent bottler Svenska Eldvatten from Sweden. I think there was approximately 25 participants at the tasting, and 6 were Ladies!

Peter Sjögren and Tommy Andersen served these lovely whiskies:

My husband has already reviewed the whiskies. Just follow the links and you can read his thoughts. To me the Bowmore, the Ardmore and the Jamaica Rum were the best drams this evening, but Glenn and Vintage 1994 were also good.


Peter and Tommy talked us through these very nice drams, giving useful information for both fresh whisky drinkers and for the ‘veterans’. The tasting ended with all the six Ladies receiving a very nice Glenn glass as a gift for our 1st anniversary. What a lovely surprise!


– Tone




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