The Glenturret 10 YO, 40 %

The Glenturret 10 YOThe Glenturret claims to be Scotland’s oldest distillery. It was just this summer I tasted my first Glenturret! That particular happening found place at Kruts Kartport in Copenhagen, Denmark. Such a lovely place to be – even though the refurbishment was not quite finished yet. But it was just a few days away. Anyway, the whiskies were lined up on the shelves and there was a great selection.

The Glenturret is owned by Edrington Group. It is an important ingredient in The Famous Grouse.

This whisky is 10 YO and it is bottled at 40 %. It is not available in Norway or Sweden.

Nose (20/25): Malt and bread at first. Then the smell of the stone of the peach. I know, it sounds strange, but that stone has a particular smell. Dust and orange zest.

Taste (21/25): Very fruity and smooth on the palate. I did not expect this from the nose. Nice! Peaches and candy peaches.

Finish (20/25): The finish started off quite salty. Then it became sugary. After a few sips it became more reach with the taste of caramel. A bit short.

Balance (21/25): An easy drinking whisky. It jumped around a little bit, but I did not mind. Some times it is exciting to be surprised when the taste is very different from the nose. Well, the peaches were there from the start.

Score (82/100)

This was a nice experience, Peter!

The Glenturret 10 YO
The owner, Peter Kjær, and myself, and some of the whiskies!


– Tone




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