Teeling Small Batch Whiskey Rum Cask Finish, 46 %

http://www.systembolaget.se/Sok-dryck/Dryck/?searchquery=teeling&sortfield=Default&sortdirection=Ascending&hitsoffset=0&page=1&searchview=All&groupfiltersheader=Default&artikelId=853654&varuNr=87068&filters=searchquery%2cI attended an interesting tasting at Dr. Jekylls Pub in Oslo. It was a beer and whisk(e)y tasting. I am still quite new to beer, so I am always eager to expand my horizon.

One of the whiskeys was a Teeling with a Rum Cask Finish. Teeling is an Irish whiskey company. This particular whiskey contains 60 % grain and 40 % malt from Connemara distillery. The maturation is finished in rum casks. It was bottled in September 2013.

Teeling Small Batch Rum Cask Finish is available in Sweden (item number 87068) at SEK 369. It is not available in Norway.

Nose (22/25): Very sweet and lots of fruit. This smells like walking into a candy shop! Especially marshmallows, vanilla and fudge are present in huge volumes.

Taste (21/25): Light and fresh. Candy, candy, candy, sweet candy. Maybe the sweetness comes from the rum cask finish?

Finish (21/25): In the end the taste changed. A full and warm finish. We are still in the candy shop, but the sweetness and fruitiness are replaced by licorice.

Balance (21/25): This was a nice and interesting whiskey. A typical Irish blend, I would say, with lots of candy and different fruits. Very easy to drink. I like it!

Score (85/100)

– Tone



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