Talisker 10 YO, 45,8 %

Talisker 10 YOTalisker 10 YO…I will jump to the conclusion and let you know that this is still a lovely whisky! I tasted Talisker 10 YO for the first time two years ago. The score is still the same in my book. My husband has written about this whisky in Norwegian a couple of years ago.

Talisker distillery is located on the Isle of Skye as the only distillery on the island. It is owned by Diageo.

Talisker 10 YO is available in Norway (item number 468001) at NOK 509,90 and in Sweden (item number 411) at SEK 409,-.

Nose (22/25): Soft smoke by the seaside. Warm. Dust and ashes. After a while I come to think of the smell when you open a metallic box with hard fruit candy. It reminds me of my youth 🙂

Taste (23/25): A warm and complex taste. Maritime notes likes sea, salt and ashes from a bonfire at the beach. Smoke. Apricots and citrus.

Finish (22/25): The finish is soft and smooth. Fruitiness is dominating. The salt, smoke and citrus is lingering in the background at the very end.

Balance (23/25): A lovely whisky, really. Balanced, warm and complex. The fruitiness and citrus notes make it fresh at the same time. This is absolutely a whisky to enjoy on a dark autumn evening.

Score (90/100)

– Tone




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