Suntory Royal 86 Proof, NAS, 43 %

What is a perfect Ladies night? You don’t know yet? The answer is Wolford (clothing) and whisky!

Suntory Royal 86 ProofA couple of weeks ago there was a preview in Oslo of the autumn/winter collection from Wolford. A girlfriend offered a ride from Sandefjord to Oslo so I got the chance to attend the preview. The added bonus was that I got the chance to try a new whisky at Dr. Jekylls Pub!

Tommy (the bartender) suggested a Japanese Blend this time; a Suntory Royal 86 Proof. It turned out to be a very nice suggestion! I think the bottle may be from the sixties.

Nose (23/25): Very rich and full bodied aromas. To me it was fruity and dusty. My girlfriend made a quick review: “It smelled nice”. And that quite sums it up.

Taste (22/25): The taste was smooth and sweet. There was some fruitiness, and I detected peach. A bit watery, but still a lot of taste.

Finish (22/25): Sweet in the end, and some burnt caramel.

Balance (22/25): This was a very nice and rich blend. Fruity and sweet. I think it became more full after a few sips. It was easy to drink.

Score 89/100

– Tone



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