Stauning Young Rye February 2018, 3 YO, 43.3 %

Nordic whisky #205 - Stauning Young Rye February 2018A few years back I reviewed an earlier version of the Stauning Young Rye (bottled October 2012). The product back then was even younger, but interestingly thgis 3 YO feels younger.

The mashbill for the Stauning Young Rye is still 100 % rye.

Stauning Young Rye February 2018 at NOK 989 (10555502).

Nose: Peppery rye bread. A lot of earthy, rye sweetness. With time the sweetness reminds me more of young malt in fresh oak.

Taste: Medium body and lots of sweetness. Again the (heavy) sweetness of fresh oak notes and young malt. Peppery rye notes as well.

Finish: Medium to short finish. Hints of rye bread until it tapers off.

Comments: This is a quality rye, and quite young at that. As such it delivers exactly as promised.

Score (83/100)

– Thomas