Stauning Heather Single Malt Whisky 2018, 3 YO, 48.7 %

Nordic whisky #207 - Stauning Heather Single Malt Whisky 2018It has been a long time since I reviewed any whiskies from Danish distillery Stauning, and now all of a sudden they seem to be pouring in. Could be that a new importer in Norway has something to do with that. Just a few days ago I reviewed the Stauning Young Rye February 2018 and here we have the Stauning Heather Single Malt Whisky 2018.

This is a peated whisky, but the peatiness is not from peat (confused yet?), it is from heather smoke. It is a rather young dram at a mere 3 years old. It was distilled in 2013/14 and bottled in 2017.

The Stauning Heather Single Malt Whisky 2018 comes on sale in Norway on Nov 15 at will sell at NOK 1585 (10555702).

Nose: Very sweet, with lots of fresh oak sweetness, reminiscent of virgin oak really. It seems young. Banana split, honey and a mild smokiness.

Taste: Medium body. Heather honey and mild pepper. Sugar cubes rolled in warm ashes. Mild fruitiness and vanilla.

Finish: Medium long finish. Very distinct white sugar sweetness. Some oakiness, wet planks and sweet saw dust. More spicy and smoky on the finish, I would go as far as to call it almost fiery.

Comments: Borderline too young on the nose, but I appreciate the palate here. The heather smoke does give it a distinct flavor profile.

Score (85/100)

– Thomas