St. Magdalene 1982 25 YO Blackadder, 61,8 %

St. Magdalene 1982 25 YO BlackadderI have not been interested in whisky for a very long time (only three years), but I have noticed that St. Magdalene is popular amongst the whisky loving people.

Well, so far I have tasted three St. Magdalene, all of them from Independent Bottlers. I have already shared my opinion of St. Magdalene 1982 30 YO Douglas Laing Old & Rare. All the St. Magdalenes have all been very good or excellent. Todays St. Magdalene from Blackadder was excellent.

The whisky was distilled 30 September 1982 and bottled in March 2008. So, quite a few years since it was bottled. This bottle was available at Akkurat in Stockholm earlier this year. I would definitely recommend a visit there.

Nose (23/25): The smell was very complex: Rich and full, fresh and light, all at the same time. Lovely! Caramel, some citrus and leather.

Taste (23/25): A smooth and full mouthfeel. Just lovely! Some light smoke, caramel and cinnamon.

Finish (22/25): Still some smoke in the finish and still some sweetness. Warm and a lingering taste. Not much development though, but very good.

Balance (22/25): I just love a smooth and rich whisky. This one was very good balanced.

Score 90/100

I am ready to taste some more St. Magdalene! But I guess it will be harder and harder to find…

– Tone




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