Spice King 8 YO (Wemyss malts), 40 %

Spice King 8 YO (Wemyss malts)I had the opportunity to taste and compare Spice King 8 YO and 12 YO a couple of weeks ago. My husband has already shared his thoughts about the 12 YO and now I will give you my tasting notes on the 8 YO.

Spice King is a blended malt released from Wemyss. They use up to ten different whiskies from the Highlands and Islands to produce the Spice King.

The whisky is available in Norway at NOK 610 (item number 1595101). It is not available in Sweden.

Nose (20/25): Beach and sea weed! Interesting start to this nose. After the salty and sour first meet I find some ripe banana and caramel. A bit dusty and woody. Light citrus, lemon to be more specific.

Taste (20/25): Sugary and mild. Watery. Banana. As I took a bigger sip the spices arrived and I increased the score.

Finish (21/25): Spices, lots of spices. Nutmeg, black pepper, white pepper, cinnamon and salt. Then in end the sugar is back before it finishes off in a dry and woody way. Quite short.

Balance (20/25): Well, this certainly qualify to be called a spicy whisky although I could not find the spices on the nose. There definitely are some similarities between the 8 YO and the 12 YO, but the spices are even more present in the 12 YO.

Score (81/100)

– Tone



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