Speyburn 10 YO, 40 %

Speyburn 10 YOI believe this is the very first whisky I have reviewed from the Speyburn Distillery, Speyside. This is their core range whisky Speyburn 10 YO. It has been matured in a mix of American oak ex-bourbon casks and ex-sherry casks.

You can buy the Speyburn 10 YO in Norway at NOK 630 (8300201), in Sweden as SEK 329 (28901), and in the UK at around GBP 31. The price difference between Norway and Sweden is surprisingly significant in this case. Although you will have to live very close to the border for this difference to cover your travel cost 🙂

Nose: Very mild, you have to really stick your nose in there. No alcohol bite, though, your nose is safe! Bananas, red apples, water melon, vanilla and mild notes of caramel. Chewing gum. More and more vanilla with time. White chocolate as well.

Taste: Medium body. Mild on the palate, as expected. Much the same notes as I found on the nose. Vanilla in abundance, interspersed with various fruits – apples, bananas and now honeydew melon.

Finish: Medium to short finish. Towards the end there is a brief flash of spices – white pepper in particular. Vanilla ice cream with caramel and white chocolate sauce.

Comments: A very pleasant dram, that does not really challenge. But maybe that’s not a bad thing. Why do I have to be challenged all the time?

Score (82/100)

– Thomas