Sonoma County West of Kentucky Bourbon No. 1, 1 YO, 47.8 %

Sonoma County West of Kentucky Bourbon No. 1OK, so here is a bourbon, with Kentucky and Sonoma County, California listed in the product name. Made from unmalted yellow corn, unmalted Canadian rye and cherry wood-smoked malted barley from Wyoming. I’ll just classify it as bourbon from California to keep it simple.

The producer is Sonoma Distilling Company, also known as the Sonoma Distilling Company.

Nose: Mild smoke, charred oak, vanilla, and assorted spices. It has medium sweetness. Hints of something green; cucumber water is as close as I get. Malty, and a bit meh! Mellow for sure.

Taste: Medium body. Pepper and  ashes. Darker than expected, and rough in a cool way. Mild smokiness.

Finish: Medium to short finish. Caramel with a slightly burnt edge to it. Mild bitterness. Charred oak and hints of ashes. Quite dry towards the end.

Comments: Enjoyable, if a bit simple.

Score (81/100)

Image from Master of Malt.

– Thomas