Smögen Triple, 5 YO, 54 %

Smögen TripleHere is a first – again. I love firsts! This is the first ever triple distilled Nordic whisky I have tried. I am not sure if any other even exist, but I am sure someone out there can enlighten me. The Smögen Triple is a vatting of two casks (cask #5/2011 and 6/2011). This was European oak Sauternes barriques, and they were filled in March 2011. In January 2017 the whisky was bottled, with an outturn of 882 bottles. Heavily peated Optic malt was used in the production of this whisky.

The Smögen Triple was released on 2017-02-16, with a price tag of SEK 850. It sold out in about 4 seconds. Madness! Crazy Swedes!

Nose: Certainly milder on the initial approach than what I typically find with these peat bombs from Pär at Smögen. Delicate. Must be the triple distillation making itself known, together with the positive influence of the Sauternes cask. The peat is tempered, I would almost say it is held in check, by the soft but firm sweetness from the cask. It is sort of sugary and earthy, but not as heavy as I find some wine cask maturations. Milk chocolate, deep sugary notes, vanilla and vague hints of something green – grass or pine wood. Fresh baked bread. It just keeps developing like no 5 year old whisky should be able to…

Taste: Oily and rich mouthfeel. Again the peatiness is more relaxed than expected, but certainly to be found. Milk chocolate ashes, soft herbal notes, caramel and vanilla ice cream. Upon subsequent visits I find more minty green ashes, pine trees, sugary coal – and more peat.

Finish: Medium to long finish. Ever so soft. The caramel and vanilla ice cream plays the strongest at this stage. Add a sprinkling of demerara sugar and your good.

Comments: This really works! A bit weird that such a heavy, peaty and full-on whisky as Smögen should work this well when triple distilled. Must be a most fortunate alignment of a great new make, and very good casks. This is amazing. Cheers!

Score (90/100)

– Thomas


  1. I had this for the first time in Stockholm at Destillat. I too was intruiged by the concept of triple distillation for a Smogen whisky. Smogen and Par are really the Vincent van Gogh, or Kandinsky, of the Nordic whisky world. Huge epic canvas, colossal daubs of primary colours – something you need time and perspective to get around – but when you do, it is almost a religious experience. An epiphany, in fact. This whisky is more subtle. It is of course all relative – even though triple distilled there is a huge amount of character. No blandness. I really liked it. Such a pity it is already so rare…. will there be any more “tots” in Goteborg we ask?

  2. I tried this too for the first time in Stockholm at Destillat. We all know Smögen Whisky to be cast on an epic scale. It would be Cecil B deMille, or Busby Berkeley as film directors, or, Kandinsky – van Gogh as canvases – huge, exciting, awash with daubs of primary colours – so, how surprised was I to see triple distillation, the apotheosis of banal, being applied to spirit as immense and characterful. But, it works amazingly well. I thought it a very well-constructed dram, very drinkable, and completely belying its young age. One of his best, IMHO. I only hope there is some left for En Öl & Whiskymässa i Göteborg…..

    • Hi David, thanks for the nice remarks. And yes, there will be some (the last cases) left for Gothenburg. See ya there!


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