Scallywag 13 YO, 46 %

Scallywag 13 YOThe Regional Malt series from independent bottler Douglas Laing is well known by most, I presume. Up until recently the series has (mainly) consisted of No Age Statement (NAS) releases. Now there are several age statement expressions available, and I am taking a closer look at the Scallywag 13 YO today.

The Scallywag is the Regional Malt representing the Speyside region. I have previousl reviewed the regular Scallywag and the Scallywag Cask Strength. This is a blended malt whisky.

The Scallywag 13 YO is a limited release (with no info on how limited), made in “small batches” and matured 100 % in sherry casks.

You can buy the Scallywag 13 YO at NOK 775 in Norway (7791901), and online in the UK at around GBP 45. This whisky is currently not available in Sweden.

Nose: Seems a bit cool at first sniff. A cold doggie nose – which is a good sign, isn’t it? Caramel pudding, plums, raisins and vanilla sticks. It really improves with time. A real yummie dessert treat. Who’s a good dog, huh? Who’s a good, good dog?

Taste: Very rich, and borderline rough (but in a good way!) mouthfeel. Quite spicy – peppers, nutmeg and cinnamon. Creamy caramel and massive nuttiness.

Finish: Medium to long finish. The nuts and caramel are now joined by milk chocolate. Still very creamy and rich. It is a luxurious chocolate bar, in liquid form.

Comments: Woof, woof!

Score (88/100)

Image from Master of Malt.

– Thomas