Rosebank 1981 16 YO Flora & Fauna cask strength, 63,9 %

Rosebank 1981 16 YO Flora & Fauna cask strengthIn Osaka we visited Bar Rosebank. This was a very nice bar with a lot of whiskies, especially old Scottish ones. My husband will give you more information on the bar, so stay tuned on Whisky Saga!

My first cask strength version from Flora & Fauna was this Rosebank 16 YO from 1981. Usually I think the whiskies in the Flora & Fauna series have a good nose, but taste and finish are too “simple to” make them interesting to me. Let’s see what cask strength can do to the series!

Nose (23/25): A lot happening here! Grass, vanilla, strawberries, cream and herbs. Very full and complex and really interesting. This is a whisky you can spend the whole evening just nosing. I tasted this one with some water added , and the water made the nose more smooth.

Taste (23/25): A very full and smooth taste. Not as complex as the nose though, but that does not influence the whisky in a negative way. Vanilla, spices (other than pepper) and pepper.

Finish (21/25): The finish is warm and lingering. Mostly vanilla, salt and caramel. The added water made it a bit boring. Some metallic notes in the end, unfortunately.

Balance (22/25): This was really a nice experience. The conclusion is clear: Cask strength made Flora & Fauna an interesting series! I hope I will get a chance to taste more.

Score (89/100)

– Tone



  1. I’m jealous. It seems a bit ott to go all the way to Japan just to try a Rosebank, but this is one I’d really like a sip (or 30) of. All the F&F cask strengths I’ve had have been pretty fabulous.


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