Port Ellen 6th Release, 27 YO, 54,3 %

Port Ellen 6th ReleasePort Ellen is a distillery long gone. But we still like to taste the nice whiskies from the distillery. My husband bought a small bottle of the 6th Release when he visited Islay. We finished the bottle as an Easter gift to ourselves.

The whisky was distilled in 1978 and bottled 2006. I have to mention that this was a 20 cl bottle. A search on the Internet shows a slight difference in ABV between this and the full sized bottle. Ours was 54,3 % while the 70 cl bottle is 54,2 %.

Nose (23/25): Rich and fruity. Ripe apples, pears and peaches – a lot of peaches. Fresh and sweet. Salt sea and melon. A bit spicy, cardamom I think. Smoke discretely swirling in the background.

Taste (23/25): Salt and fruity. Quite sweet. Peaches here as well. Light smoke appears after a couple of sips, but not very obvious to me. Rich. Ginger and fudge in the end.

Finish (22/25): Warm and smooth with salt, sugar, and chili! Delicate and light smoke. Ginger and fudge after a while.

Balance (22/25): Definitely well-balanced. A fruity and sweet dram with a spicy touch of ginger. I like it!

Score (90/100)

– Tone



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