Port Ellen 1982 26 YO OMC, 50 %

Port Ellen 1982 26 YO OMCPort Ellen is a closed Islay distillery. I have been lucky enough to taste quite a few of them and usually find them to be very good.

Todays whisky was a part of the peaty lineup The Ladies’ Share had earlier this year. We tasted the Port Ellen as whisky number one that evening, and I think that was the right decision.

This Port Ellen was 26 YO, distilled September 1982 and bottled July 2009. Cask DL ref 5398.

It seems it is only available on auctions.

Nose (24/25): Wow! Such a delicate nose. Vanilla, strawberries and Prosecco at first. A smell of summer!. Then it became more like autumn with the saltiness of the sea, smoke and bonfire. As you can understand the whisky developed after some time in the glass.

Taste (22/25): The taste was a bit closed at first. Nothing much happened. The whisky needed quite some time (and some sips) before we could be specific on the taste. It was very fresh with green apples and green, sour candy. A delicate smoke.

Finish (21/25): The finish was more smoky. It was oily and nutty. Some sour fruits here as well, maybe grapefruit, but it was not dry. Sugary.

Balance (22/25): Not a balanced whisky this one. The very promising smell was not continued to the taste and aftertaste. Quite a complex whisky altogether.

Score (89/100)

– Tone



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